The Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Services Center School Program (PJJS) 7-12

Deana M. Ramsey

91 N. 48th Street
Philadelphia PA 19139
Phone: 215 471-2275

Providing all students with the academic,
technological & social skills
to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.

Philadelphia Juvenile Justice Service Center School Program

About our Principal

Deana Ramsey isn’t simply an employee of the School District of Philadelphia; she is a product of it as well. She graduated from Roxborough High School while concurrently enrolled in the High Tech/Robotics Program at Randolph Skill Centers. During this time Ms. Ramsey was active in School clubs, athletics and was even awarded an Athletic Scholarship for basketball from Brooklyn College. During her time at Brooklyn College, she was one of the founders of the Athletic Association for Women on the east Coast.


 Principal Ramsey has said “Education is very important to the lives of all people as it shapes hearts and minds. It sets the pathway of our journey in this world. My purpose for being an active participant in public education is to instruct and mentor children regardless of their race, color, religion, economic background, gender or disability. Education is not solely academic, but it provides educators an opportunity to educate the hearts of our students and prepare them to navigate life while mentally, teaching them the skills needed to problem solve, communicate and contribute to their community. One must understand that our future mothers, fathers, mentors, servicemen/women, chief executive officers, workforce and potential Presidents of the United States are in our hands. We have a responsibility to develop and support their foundation in becoming assets to society. The ultimate goal is inspire them to become well-rounded, educated citizens.” 


Principal Ramsey presently serves the students and families of Philadelphia as the Principal of the learning community at the Juvenile Justice Services Center Schools. She selected this particular school in the hopes of putting into action her vision that the students would leave better educated, more confident in their abilities and hopefully, making wiser choices.