Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School

Jovan Moore

201 East Olney Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19120
Phone: 215-456-0422

Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School

Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School

Our Mission

The mission of the Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School is to provide developmentally appropriate instruction and practices tailored to maximize young adolescent learning to meet the goals of the “No Child Left Behind” Act, while nurturing affective behavior to improve good citizenship.

Our Vision

The vision of the Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School is to provide appropriate and challenging standards-driven instruction, to engage students in constructivist hands-on learning activities, and to substantively increase each student’s achievement and fulfill their potential. The vision also includes helping adolescents become high performing responsible citizens as they encounter challenges in school and beyond, to help them develop into high academic achievers, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and proficient in communication and computational skills.

Origin Of Our Name

February 7, 2001: The Board of Education officially approved the naming of the school “Grover Washington, Jr. Middle School” after the late great saxophonist for his dedication to the Philadelphia community and its children.


GWJR. is located in the Olney Section of Philadelphia. We presently have 554 students:

  • 56% African American
  • 18.5% Asian
  • 16.2% Latino
  • 3.4% White
  • 5.9 % other

Our Special Education Programs include:

  • 5 Learning Support classes
  • 2 Autistic Support class
  • 2 Life Skills Support classes
  • 2 Emotional Support classes
  • 2 Resource Rooms