George Washington High School 


Mr. Gene Jones

10175 Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia PA 19116
Phone: 215-961-2001


School Policies & Regulations


Students should abide by the following school policies and regulations:

School Uniform Policy

Compliance with the Dress Code is required. At the discretion of the Administration, students who do not dress appropriately will be subject to student conference, parental notification, exclusion from school activities, and disciplinary action.

The School District of Philadelphia has approved a school uniform policy, which pertains to all students and became mandatory on September 1, 2001. To support and help George Washington students and parents become a part of this process, we’ve decided on a uniform policy. This means that students must wear any combinations of solid colored jet black or khaki pants or shirts (must have collars). EVERYONE is expected to wear their uniform every day. In addition, students may choose to wear GWHS logo tee-shirts. Students may purchase the GWHS logo tee shirt for $ 5.00. All clothes must be tasteful and fit appropriately. Students should be dressing for success. All parents and teachers will be working together to make sure that the transition to this dress policy is upheld.


All students are required to comply with our uniform policy. We believe that doing so will further accustom them to dressing in an appropriate manner and will help the school fulfill its responsibility to prepare students for the world of work and the roles that they will assume in the future.  Head coverings, except for documented medical or religious purposes, are not permitted in the building.



Jet Black/Khaki ( tan ) Collared Shirts 


Jet Black/Khaki ( tan ) Collared Shirts or Blouses 

 Jet Black/Khaki  ( tan ) Slacks


Jet Black/Khaki ( tan ) Shirts or Blouses
 school logo tee-shirts 

Jet Black/Khaki ( tan ) Slacks or Skirt ( knee length or longer ).


 school logo tee-shirts


Under no circumstances will students be permitted to wear any of the following:

  • Thin strap Tank tops, muscle shirts
  • Blue Jeans
  • Faded or Ripped Clothing
  • Fish net shirts, see-through clothing/plunging necklines
  • Bare midriffs, halter tops
  • Short shorts above the knee
  • Clothing with obscene words or graphic pictures
  • Flip flops, Sandals without straps to encase the feet
  • High heels ( above 3” high )
  • Hats, Caps, Scarves ( Do Rags ), Hoodies, Headbands.

Hats and wave caps are inappropriate attire for indoors. No student will be permitted to wear his/her hat/wave cap in school. Students must wear the uniform at all times during the school day. Failure to conform to this policy will result in disciplinary action. All students must wear school uniform or approved administrative attire.