The Vare-Washington School K-8

Mr. Zachary Duberstein

1198 S.5th Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
Phone: 215-952-8620

The best teachers build the best students.

The Vare-Washington School


Message from the Principal

Welcome to The Vare-Washington School, 


Our goal is be the premiere elementary school in the City of Philadelphia. Our teachers are experts in their craft as well as our students. Our staff strive to know each student as an individual - with all of the unique characteristics and needs of each child.


We pride ourselves on creating renaissance students - students that are multifaceted and multi-talented. We understand that we are preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist and, to this end, we immerse our students in everything from Spanish language education to chess and debate teams to a culminating capstone dissertation defense. We want for each student to find what they love and use their talents to be problem solvers. 

  Our fundamental theory is that the best teachers, build the best students. This core tenet makes our teachers the engines of best practice in the field of education. Our teachers are caring and compassionate and their passion for their practice ignites in each student a hunger for greater understanding. 


It is only as a community that we will ever reach our goals and only as one tribe that we will ensure that every student has the best education possible. Please join us in making your neighborhood school a flagship school. 


Yours in Service, 

Zachary Duberstein