Allen M. Stearne K to 8

Jessica Ramos

1655 Unity Street
Philadelphia PA 19124
Phone: 215-537-2522

Stearne Elementary School is soaring to new heights this year!

Allen M. Stearne

Message from the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, & Families,


I am honored and feel privileged to transition into the role of Principal of Stearne School..  I am looking forward to an exciting year of learning and growing as an entire learning community of students, staff, parents and community stakeholders. 


My goal this upcoming school year is to ensure that every child is provided a high quality learning experience in a safe and supportive school environment.  I am committed to working together, in partnership, to ensure that each student achieves their very best. Every Stearne student is valued and worthy of our best effort.


This year our efforts will focus on strategically increasing reading comprehension levels, enhancing skills in mathematics, and improving the school climate for all students.  Each of these goals is driven towards one outcome: ensuring that our students can demonstrate mastery of the common core curriculum and meet rigorous instructional standards.  Our students are being asked to do more and more as they prepare for college and career.   We are committed to improving the quality of Stearne's instructional program and tailoring it to meet the diverse needs of all of our students.


As a school we plan to do this in a number of ways.

  • Initially we will assess our student body to determine starting points. Research shows, and it is my firm belief that, students learn best when we know where they are strong and where they need more support.
  • Next, we will work together to build a learning environment grounded in respect, that values hard work and perseverance. We must work to be proactive and meet challenges head on so that we can solve them in the early stages before they become barriers to our success. Through open and constant communication we will begin to build the environment that is necessary for our students' success.
  • After determining what supports our students need, we plan to provide them with common core aligned instruction on their grade level, as well as targeted intervention in their specific area of need for one period each day. Through constant intervention and monitoring, our students will begin to feel more confident with grade level content and begin to show the growth we know and believe they are capable of making.


As a school, we are committed to providing a quality education by any means necessary. A motto that I encourage students, teachers, and parents alike to adopt is:

 "Good, Better, Best. Never stop until your Good is Better and your Better is Best!"


This is just a brief introduction to the work that will be ongoing at Stearne this year.   There will undoubtedly be a lot of excitement, teaching, and learning in our classrooms. I hope to see you all at Back to School Night on Wednesday September 24, 2014 (more information about time and agenda will be shared in the coming weeks).  In closing I will share with you what I have already shared with our staff, I am confident that we will have a successful school year for our students deserve nothing less!



Jessica Ramos