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Parkway Northwest High School for Peace and Social Justice

***Possible changes to the 2015-2016 school year:

In an effort to provide for consistent and uninterrupted student learning opportunities, while recognizing important religious holidays and the unprecedented visit of the Pope and the World Meeting of Families, the School District is proposing adjustments to the 2015-2016 school year calendar.  The following changes will be proposed in a resolution to the SRC on August 20:

1. The first day of Kindergarten will be Thursday, September 17.  The original first day of Kindergarten, September 16, will be an additional Kindergarten Parent/Teacher Interview day.


2. Schools and administrative offices will be closed on Thursday, September 24.  Due to previously scheduled closures, schools and administrative offices will now be closed from Wednesday, September 23rd through Friday, September 25.

3. Friday, October 9, will be a regular school day to make up for the loss of the school day on September 24.  This date was originally scheduled as a professional development day.


4. The first 3 days of spring break (Monday, March 21; Tuesday, March 22; and Wednesday, March 23) will be used first as inclement weather make-up days if necessary.


Important:***These changes must be approved by the SRC.  Once approved then the changes will be posted on the district's website.  

Summer Assignments:* Many of you may be having issues with downloading the files.  If you are having problems then download the files directly at the bottom of this page or you can email me at:    

to get the files or click on the link below that says click here if you do not have Microsoft Word.



12th Grade Summer Assignments


June letter to the parents (click on the link and you must have Microsoft Word to open the file) 



Chapter summary


Interview questions 


Wes Moore options 2 and 3 


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Credit Recovery

Peace March

Peace March on September 21, 2015.

Are you participating in Parkway's Inaugural Peace March on September 21, 2015?

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Message from the Principal



Welcome to Parkway NW High School for Peace and Social Justice, an academic institution that nurtures not only the mind but also the heart. We push our students to excel academically, but we also show them how to be good citizens, especially with peace and social justice in mind.


Ms. Gina Steiner

Principal of Parkway NW H.S.