Parkway Center City High School


Dr. Karren Dunkley

540 North 13th Street
Philadelphia PA 19123
Phone: 215 351-7095

Parkway Center City

Parkway Center City

Our Vision


It is Parkway Center City's vision.......

      • To develop each student to her/his fullest potential enabling

         independence and productivity in all aspects of life.

Our Mission


• Inspire academic excellence

• Develop exemplary citizens

• Motivate responsibility

• Foster independence

• Encourage rich relationships




Requirements for Admission


Parkway Center City accepts students from all over the city.

Students interested in coming to our school need to apply and

should meet the following criteria:

a. Must have all A's and/or B's and no more than

    one (1) C.

b. Must have average or above TerraNova score.

c. Must have excellent marks in citizenship—no "3's"

d. Should have no suspensions

e. Attendance should not exceed 10 days absent / 5

    days late.

f. Must demonstrate an attitude of aspirations to

   attend college.