Overbrook High School 9 - 12

Angela Thompson

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Philadelphia PA 19131
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Providing all students with the academic,
technological & social skills
to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.

Overbrook High School

Overbrook High School



September 2014 


This school year promises to be like no other school year.


There have been several improvements to school operations and classroom instruction. These changes have been made to meet and exceed the schools improvement goals of improving school climate and academic instruction.


This year teachers will focus on implementing the common core standards through the use of differentiated learning stations. Each day teachers will participate in grade level workshops to learn new strategies that will help students actively engage in designing and planning their own learning paths.


All students have been scheduled to take 7 credits, one more than previous years. The additional class is being added to reduce the number of classes’ students will need to take during senior year. This new schedule will allow seniors to enroll in a college dual enrollment program, work, attend a co-op or internship.


The school’s physical space has also changed. Overbrook is slightly smaller and more intimate due to the closing of the 4th floor. One less floor means shorter travel time between classes and fewer flights of stairs to walk. All classes have been organized so that upper-classman have the majority of their classes on the 3rd floor and 9th and 10th graders have the majority of their classes on the 2nd floor. Lunch periods have also been scheduled by grade level.


There are several plans in the works to improve the current CTE certification programs and to expand new CTE course offerings. New afterschool clubs and student organizations will also be expanded.


Our goal is to have 100% of students enrolled in a sport or other organization each year that they attend the Castle on the Hill.


As a native of West Philadelphia, I look forward to engaging the community in planning school -based events. These planning sessions will be conducted through a forum called the Parent Café. These meetings will be held bi-weekly starting in October in our parent resource room.  Automated phone messages will be sent to confirm meeting dates.


With the help and support of all students, teachers, parents and community partners, this school year promises to be transformative.


Welcome Back!




Angela Thompson M.ED