Olney Elementary K to 8

Mr. Michael Roth

5301 North Water Street
Philadelphia PA 19120
Phone: 215.456.3003


Dress Code


Parents and community partners are agreed that school uniforms are an effective strategy for improving behavior and discipline, improving school climate, focusing students’ attention on learning, promoting school spirit and pride, and decreasing access of trespassers to schools during class time.  Act 46 of 1998 authorizes the Board of Education to impose limitations on dress and require students to wear standard dress or uniforms.  In May of 2000, the Board of Education adopted Policy 221.

Please adhere to the changes in the mandated uniform policy for all students in grades K-8.  Our uniform policy is as follows:

SHIRT/BLOUSE    White shirt with a collar.  No T-Shirts. (Neckties are not required)

   Navy blue (dark).  Girls may wear pants, skirts, or jumpers.  NO JEANS OR SHORTS

Students who fail to dress as required may be subject to corrective measures, including:
•    Parental contact
•    Conference with the school principal
•    Loaner uniform top from the school’s uniform bank.

Students who persistently fail to comply with the school’s uniform code may be subject to disciplinary action, including:

  • Loss of privileges
  • After school service assignments
  • Placement on daily participation
  • Assignment to restrictive class
  • Exclusion from athletic participation
  • Detention
  • Exclusion from activities, trips, etc.

Persistent and deliberate violation of the uniform policy may result in additional disciplinary action.