Olney Elementary K to 8

Mr. Michael Roth

5301 North Water Street
Philadelphia PA 19120
Phone: 215.456.3003

Who We Are

Who We Are

Staff Information

Our faculty and staff
School Year 2014-2015
   Mr. Roth, Principal        
   Ms. Suber, Assistant Principal        
Kindergarten Ms. Boyer      
  Mrs. Martin      
  Ms. McHugh      
 Ms. Frank   


 First Grade Ms. Danzeisen      
  Mrs. Edelstein      
  Mrs. McHale      
 Ms. Storey   
Second Grade Ms. Willams      
  Ms. Saunders      
 Mrs. Grunmeier      
  Mrs. Gibbons        
Third Grade Ms. Amer (Science/Social Studies)   
 Ms. Mccurry      
 Mrs. Boyle (Math)   
Fourth Grade Mrs. Dutton (Math)      
  Ms. Palazzolo (Literacy)     
 Mr. Ok (Science/Social Studies)     
Fifth Grade Ms. Young (Science/Social Studies)      
  Mr. Zayas (Literacy)      
  Mrs. Crane (Math)        
Sixth Grade Ms. Liesner (Science/Social Studies)      

Ms. Howard (Math)

  Ms. Palazzolo (Literacy)        
Seventh Grade Ms. Wood (Math)    
  Ms. McCullagh (Social Studies)    
  Ms. Harris (Literacy)    
Eighth Grade Mrs. Ostertag (Science)    
  Ms. Fleishman (Literacy)    
  Mrs. Frangos (Math)      
Special Education        
  Ms. Priest      
  Mrs. Rebstock      
  Ms. Lewis      


ESOL Mrs. Lee      
  Mrs. Sanxhaku      
  Ms. Banzhof      
  Mrs. Kilson        
  Ms. Baglivo        
Dean Ms. King     
Technology Mrs. Ok      
  Mr. Yocum      
Physical Education Ms. Vearling      
Health/Physical Education Mr. Bui        
Autistic Support Mrs. Rams      
  Ms. Jacoby      
Music Mrs. Kelsey      
Counselors Ms. J. Sherman      
Mrs. K. McMakin