Motivation High School ( 9 - 12 )

Rennu Teli-Johnson

5900 Baltimore Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19143
Phone: 215-471-2906

Success Through Accepting Responsibility.

Motivation High School

Message from Principal

Dear Visitor,

I am extremely pleased that you are visiting the website for Motivation High School, a small magnet high school in Southwest Philadelphia. We refer to our school as a public school setting with a private school philosophy. We are very proud of our staff and scholars. They have made tremendous strides since we have become a separate school.

There are many things that make us special including our small population of 393 students. Our school mascot is the Jaguar, our school colors are royal blue and gold and our theme is, “Success Through Accepting Responsibility!” We are poised for greatness.
Our scholars are preparing themselves for a professional career path that includes college. We are a liberal arts college preparatory site. We embrace this theme by offering all of our scholars the opportunity for enriched courses with rigor, relevancy and high expectations. We invite them to be successful. Scholars are held to high standards of accountability academically and socially. Within the school, they are responsible for their actions by word and deed. We like to catch them being good. We applaud them for random acts of kindness.
Our staff members are dedicated and committed to raising the academic performance standards for each scholar to a higher level. They are challenged to treat scholars in the same manner that they would like their own children treated. They represent various cultures with a wide range of experiences that help us to provide unique events for our scholars. The staff members function in a collaborative manner to support school-wide initiatives. 
We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our website and we encourage you to actually visit our school. Please contact us should you desire additional information.


Rennu Teli-Johnson

Our School Is Different!

  • Public school setting with private school philosophy
  • Small population of 393 students helps foster to meaningful relationships and high accountability
  • Liberal Arts college preparatory site
  • High social and academic expectations of both scholars and staff

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