John Moffet Elementary School K-5

Ms. Carmen Navarro

127 W. Oxford Street
Philadelphia PA 19122
Phone: 215-291-4721

Providing all students with the academic, technological & social skills needed to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.

John Moffet School

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Welcome, we are delighted that you have taken the time to visit our website. At Moffet, we are very proud of our school community. We are a community of diverse learners dedicated to becoming lifelong learners and productive citizens. All of the students at Moffet follow the 3 Rs which represent our core beliefs. The students at Moffet are "Moffetized" when they are Respectful, Responsible and Ready. 


We hope you enjoy your visit. Please visit us again soon. 




Ms. Carmen Maldonado-Navarro




 Al Bustan John Moffet Students at Smith Playground!

 Student Drummers





Attention Parents! 

From March 24th to 31st, Moffet will be visited by the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile dental program.

Please fill out the permission form for your child/children if you are interested.


Child needs access to oral health care

Child as Medicaid insurance or has no dental insurance (eligible for fee or reduced cost lunch)

Child is between the ages of 1 and 8 years, but including 3rd graders (age exceptions made with manager's approval)

An established patient maintaining an annual examination is eligible for continuous care through age 17-by appointment if not enrolled in parnering school

Parent or legal gaurdian completes and signs the program application 


This program is fponsored by St. Christopher's Foundation for Children Community Oral Health Initiatives.


Moffet teachers raising awareness for Philadelphia Public Schools.

The Cub Scout trip (3rd-5th grade) to Lighthouse field is on Saturday October 18th. Those attending must be in front of the school by 8:00. Scouts will return to Moffet by 2:30.


Al Bustan Seeds of Culture's Moffet School Drummers and Art/Mentoring Program meet every Monday to Wednesday from 3:15-6:00.

Cub Scouts has begun! 1st and 2nd grade Scouts meet every Tuesday from 3:15-4:15.

3rd Grade Scouts meet on Wednesday from 3:15-4:15 

4th-5th Grade Scouts meet every Thursday from 3:15-4:15.