Meredith School K-8

Cindy Farlino

725 S. 5th St.
Philadelphia PA 19147
Phone: 215-351-7360

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Meredith School

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About Our School

The William M. Meredith Elementary School is located at 5th and Fitzwater Streets in the Queen Village section of Philadelphia.


Meredith School serves a population of more than 530 students in kindergarten through grade eight. We have two full day kindergartens and sixteen classrooms.


At Meredith, we offer a comprehensive program that is guided by Pennsylvania State Standards and driven by the School District's Core Curriculum.  All Classroom teachers use a Readers/Writer Workshop model in literacy.


Recognizing that Meredith has a multi-racial and multicultural population, we believe it is our responsibility to provide an environment that is positive and harmonious in which respect for the diverse make-up of our school is promoted. 20% of our student body is classified as mentally gifted.


Our computer science teacher provides computer instruction and serves as our Technology Teacher Leader. Physical education, speech therapy, instrumental music, vocal music and art are taught by specialist teachers.


Our special education teachers provide resource level remedial reading and math classes which address IEP needs.


Our counselor provides support services to our students, parents and teachers; and chairs our Comprehensive Support Process.


Special programs at Meredith School include instrumental music, Career Day, Science Fair, Student Council, math contests, academic support clubs, athletic clubs, art club, vocal ensemble, concert choir, dance ensembles and Broadway style shows.


The Meredith School has a certified School Council that consists of teachers, parents, paraprofessionals and the principal. This council works together to address the needs of our students.  We currently have five parents serving on our school council.


Parental involvement is at the heart of Meredith's success. We are fortunate to have an extremely active Home and School Association that provides human, material and financial resources.  Parents participate at all levels of the Meredith organization.