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Providing all students with the academic, technological & social skills needed to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.

John Marshall Elementary School

John Marshall Elementary School

From the Principal

Message from the principal



         Greetings!  As you know, this is not a new topic for us here at John Marshall School.   Our daily attendance has dipped to 89.7%, meaning we still average 40-45% students absent daily.  We currently have the lowest Student Attendance rate in our Neighborhood Network (NN9). Our goal is to maintain 95% or higher, this would mean havingno more than 21 students absent daily.

We all know that one of the most important keys to a child’s academic success is having them attend school on a regular basis. 

So, again I am asking you to take a good look at home structure and prioritize what’s best for your child.  We know you are our mainsource of support for getting children to school and on time everyday.  Please help us to help your child.

 Please keep in mind that your child is late once he/shearrives after 8:30 am daily.  We do not issue late slips at thefront desk until 8:45 am in an effort to avoid congestion near thefront door area, however, the teacher will mark your child latein the roll book.  If your child arrives late to school on a regular basis he/she will miss important instruction during our Morning Intervention Block used to assist our struggling readers.

Making sure your child arrives to school daily and on time is one way you can play a proactive role in being involved in your child’s’ education.   We know you are our main source of support for getting children to school and on time everyday.  Please help us to help your child.  Kudos to parents of students that have Perfect Attendance to date. Keep up the good work!



Our third APTT Meeting will be held on Wednesday February 24th from 1-2:15! 

Our Core Beliefs

  We will:

  • Ensure that there is a system within the school that fully ensures consistent implementation of effective instructional practices that meet the needs of all students across all classrooms and aligns with the Pennsylvania Framework for Teaching.

 • Ensure that there is a system within the school that fully ensures school-wide use of data that is focused on school improvement and the academic growth of all students.  


John Marshall Elementary School

Carla R. Glover~ Principal

The Vision of the John Marshall School is one in which all learners grow and succeed in a school community that values and accommodates diversity. We believe our students are our greatest resource and therefore entitled to a high quality education. We adhere to the belief that it is the responsibility of the school, both parents – Mothers as well as Fathers, and the broader community to create a   safe, caring and respectful environment that nurtures a student’s self-esteem, fosters problem solving, creates life-long learners, and produces productive citizens who are positive contributors to society





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John Marshall Law

  Be Respectful

  Be Responsible

  Be Peaceful

Be a Problem Solver!

  John Marshall School Pledge
Today I will make a difference.
I will study hard and do my best.
I will show kindness and respect.
I will be responsible for my actions.
I will settle problems peacefully.
I will learn all that I can.
If I put my mind to it I can do it!
         I believe in ME!
              Do you? 

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