John Marshall Elementary K-5

William Lawrence

4500 Griscom Street
Philadelphia PA 19124
Phone: 215-537-2521

Providing all students with the academic, technological & social skills needed to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.

John Marshall Elementary School

John Marshall Elementary School

From the Principal



4500 Griscom St |


Dear Marshall Avengers,


I am very excited to have been selected to lead John Marshall next school year. There are so many initiatives, programs, and resources coming to John Marshall as a result of the school entering the turnaround network, but I honestly believe these programs and resources will not be nearly as effective as strong parental involvement and motivated educators. Just to give you a little background about myself, I completed all of my education in the Philadelphia school district graduating from Parkway High school. Next, I completed undergraduate and graduate studies at West Chester and Strayer University receiving degrees in elementary education and educational leadership. I began my teaching career in the William Penn school district as a sixth grade teacher and quickly began to take on as many leadership opportunities as possible. This was the beginning of my journey to administration. After serving nine years at Bell Avenue elementary, I applied and was accepted into the PLUS program which is designed to create a pathway to administration for educators. I completed my residency at Andrew Hamilton elementary as a Principal Fellow, and then I was hired by the School District of Philadelphia as Assistant Principal where I currently serve at Dunbar Promise Academy. As principal of John Marshall there are four things that we will consistently strive to do, and they are the following: 1. Be relentless with analyzing student data to drive instruction 2. Place students in small groups to meet their individual needs 3. Everyone will be life long learners

4. We will be superheroes to fight for a positive school “neighborhood” I truly believe that if we consistently stand on these four principals we will conduct mass change within the lives of our students. Our coin phrase for staff recruitment this year is ,“What is your superpower? We are in the process of forming the “Avengers”, and the goal is for all educators to become superheroes for our students. As Avengers will be dedicated to changing the lives of our students on a daily basis. I truly appreciate all parents/guardians that were able to attend the Meet and greet last week, and I am excited for all things that are to come next school year. There will be a monthly meeting that will be scheduled titled, “Kickin it with the Principals”, and this is a short session in which parents will have the opportunity to speak with the Principal and Assistant Principal regarding what is occurring in John Marshall. Thank you for all that you do, and I am thrilled to began meeting staff, students, and parents in August 2017.

Warm regards, Mr. Lawrence Principal, John Marshall Elementary

Our Core Beliefs

  We will:

  • Ensure that there is a system within the school that fully ensures consistent implementation of effective instructional practices that meet the needs of all students across all classrooms and aligns with the Pennsylvania Framework for Teaching.

 • Ensure that there is a system within the school that fully ensures school-wide use of data that is focused on school improvement and the academic growth of all students.  


John Marshall Elementary School


The Vision of the John Marshall School is one in which all learners grow and succeed in a school community that values and accommodates diversity. We believe our students are our greatest resource and therefore entitled to a high quality education. We adhere to the belief that it is the responsibility of the school, both parents – Mothers as well as Fathers, and the broader community to create a   safe, caring and respectful environment that nurtures a student’s self-esteem, fosters problem solving, creates life-long learners, and produces productive citizens who are positive contributors to society





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John Marshall Law

  Be Respectful

  Be Responsible

  Be Peaceful

Be a Problem Solver!

  John Marshall School Pledge
Today I will make a difference.
I will study hard and do my best.
I will show kindness and respect.
I will be responsible for my actions.
I will settle problems peacefully.
I will learn all that I can.
If I put my mind to it I can do it!
         I believe in ME!
              Do you? 

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