William H. Loesche Elementary School

Victoria Velazquez

595 Tomlinson Ave
Philadelphia PA 19116
Phone: 215.961.2000

School Name

School Name

Our Vision

By utilizing instructional best practices and personal examples, the staff of the Loesche Elementary School provides our children with such inspiring understandings of self and the world. Through such valuable experiences everyday, everyone grows to proficient levels of knowledge in various aspects of human life, personal development and social kindness which will last a lifetime.


Our Mission

The Loesche Elementary School seeks to develop high achieving students by utilizing research based instruction, modern technology, best instructional practices, and solid teaching implemented by our teachers and parents.


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  • History of Our School - Learn more about William H. Loesche
  • Our School 
    • The William H. Loesche Elementary School serves over 700 students in the Far Northeast section of Philadelphia. We are located at  the intersection of Bustleton Avenue and Tomlinson Road. The school is easily accessible by public transportation and close to George Washington High School, Baldi Middle School, and the Northeast Regional Office. Parking is limited to faculty and staff. Street parking is available for visitors. 
    • All visitors must register at the front office upon entering the building. The front door is the only permitted entrance for all visitors and late arrivals. Students are dismissed under supervision from the rear and side of the building. 
  • School Profile
    • Enrollment
    • Ethnicity
    • Special Education
    • English Language Learners
    • Economically Disadvantaged