Abraham Lincoln High School 9-12

Mr. Jack Nelson

3201 Ryan Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19136
Phone: 215-400-3300

With Malice Toward None



Lincoln's Ninth Grade Academy/Freshman Academy

Coordinator: Mrs. Amanda Mahoney


Recognizing that the transition to high school has its own set of unique challenges, the Ninth Grade Academy was created to provide extra academic and emotional support to new students. These supports include, albeit not limited to, courses such as Freshman Seminar, which is meant to instruct students on keys to success in high school and beyond. Another major component of the Ninth Grade Academy is a guidance counselor and a core of teachers who work solely with the ninth graders, thereby fostering a level of community and teaching practices geared towards the needs of ninth graders. This core of professionals along with the Freshman Academy Student Government organizes events for freshmen to also help ensure a more enjoyable freshman year. 

Amanda Mahoney
9th  Grade Academy Coordinator
Abraham Lincoln High School
3021 Ryan Avenue
Philadelphia,PA 19136
215-335-5385 ext. 1590 

9th Grade Academy News

Commitment Ceremony

The 9th Grade Academy held a Commitment Ceremony on Thursday, December 1, 2016. The guest speaker was author Brenda Thomas, an Abraham Lincoln alumni.

Led by 9th grade class officers, students pledged to keep up with studies, attend school regularly, and graduate in four years.

Congratulations to all 9th graders for their dedication!