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Nurse's Corner

Nurse's Corner

Nurse's General Info

Leeds Middle School's Nurse - Nurse M. Goeins


Every day during office hours with a teacher's note.

Emergencies handled immediately.



On this page, you will find information relating to Physical forms, updated H1N1 information, and any other information that becomes available.


All students must be completely immunized according to the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, the Philadelphia County Board of Health, and the School District of Philadelphia.  Failure to properly immunize your child may result in an immunization non-compliance suspension from school for your child until the proper immunizations have been administered.

Nursing Services

If a child is ill, he or she may ask for a pass to see the nurse during her posted hours of availability.  Children who require medication to be administered during the school day must see the nurse and have written permission in their medical file.

In case of a serious incident, the nurse will go to the injured child.  The Health Suite is located on the first floor - opposite Room 108.  If the nurse is absent or unavailable, children will be directed to the main office.

If a child is too sick to remain in school, the parent will be notified to come and pick up the child.  STUDENTS WILL NOT BE DISMISSED ON THEIR OWN TO GO HOME.

Note: Parents are urged to purchase the student insurance policy that is offered through the school district each year.  The school district is not liable for injuries sustained in school.

Health Forms

Physical Forms: This form should be taken to your child's health physician and turn in to the school every school year. The School District of Philadelphia requires your child have an annual physical and update records on file.

Administer Medication Form: This form should be completed by your child's doctor to Request the school's nurse to Administer Medicine/EquipMEnt to your child.


All forms can be located on the School District of Philadelphia's website.