Lankenau Environmental Science Magnet High School 9-12


Joshua Levinson

201 Spring Lane
Philadelphia PA 19128
Phone: 215-400-3420

Lankenau High School

Lankenau High School

Lankenau is an off-site, special-admissions program for students who thrive in a small, family-like environment.  We are a high school of approximately 350 students and staff, located in the hills of Upper Roxborough on a scenic campus, far away from the pressures of city living.  We have often been called "The Country Campus for the College Bound."  That is a fitting description of our physical setting--and we do expect every student to go to college.

All students are transported from their neighborhoods to our front door.  Our student body is serious and goal-directed, maintaining an average daily attendance of over 90%.  We are proud of our students and believe that each one can achieve at high levels.

Our Mission

Lankenau Environmental Science Magnet High School is a community where students can develop their individual potential to become environmentally conscious, productive, and successful in their chosen fields of study and careers through the lens of environmental science. We will accomplish this in a safe and supportive environment through excellence in teaching and learning in partnership with family, community members, and business partners.

Our Vision

Lankenau Environmental Science Magnet High School will put in to place supports and experiences that will facilitate a college preparatory program where 100% of students apply for and get accepted to college or have an established post-secondary plan. The theme of environmental science is integrated across the curriculum and enhanced through partnerships with the community. Our classrooms are driven by student knowledge and inquiry, where learners are engaged through rigorous instruction and presented with real-world problems to solve. Parents and community members are engaged and involved in the success of the school. The Lankenau staff collaborate with each other, seek opportunities to expand professionally, and are determined to motivate and guide the success of the school.