Promise Academy at Martin Luther King HS 

Keisha Wilkins

6100 Stenton Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19138
Phone: 215 276 5253

King Team One Dream

Promise Academy at Martin Luther King HS

Promise Academy at Martin Luther King HS

Message from the Principal

Welcome to The Promise Academy @ Martin Luther King HS!


Dear School Community,


I am very proud to lead this historical institution. This school has played a vital part in the delivery of content to young people in the city of Philadelphia for over 35 years. Northwest Philadelphians have gone on from this school to LEAD all over the world. My vision for the new, “Promise Academy @ Martin Luther King High School,” embodies the same high expectations. Our students’ will be able to compete on a global level.


I challenge the entire school community to welcome the new team here at The Promise Academy. The excellent team of educators that have been assembled are the best that this nation has to offer. The Administrative Team carefully selected teachers that believe no obstacle is too high and no barrier is too wide that will prevent our students from obtaining academic success.


The Promise Academy involves our students in longer school days, a longer school year, academic supports, and social enrichments. When dedicated professionals are added to this model, the positive development of the whole child occurs. Our immediate stakeholders, parents and community partners, will be proud to assist in this academic maturation model.


The Promise Academy will operate in grade level academies; embedded in these academies, our students will have the opportunity to choose from several pathways:


9th Grade Success Pathway

9th Grade Museum Magnet

9th Grade STEM Academy

9th Grade HRT Academy


10th Grade Success Pathway

10th Grade Museum Magnet

10th Grade STEM Academy

10th Grade Automotive Academy, HRT Academy, and/or College Prep Academy


11th Grade Success Pathway

11th Grade Museum Magnet

11th Grade STEM Academy

11th Grade Automotive Academy, HRT Academy, and/or College Prep Academy


12th Grade Success Pathway

12th Grade Museum Magnet

12th Grade STEM Academy

12th Grade Automotive Academy, HRT Academy, and/or College Prep Academy


Our students will be able to explore, experiment, explain, and exhibit at very high levels and because of this college going atmosphere, our students will excel in all areas.


In 22 years, I have never left a child behind!


Our students will be prepared!


Everything we do is directly aligned to student success!


One Community…One School…One Focus…Student Success!









Points of Pride

  • Outstanding AP opportunities
  • Exemplary agenda of activities
  • Safe environment
  • Many sports activities

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