Andrew Jackson School Pre–K to 8


Lisa Ciaranca Kaplan

1213 S. 12th Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
Phone: 215-952-6223

Information & Resources

"Declaration of Education" Student Pledge

As a student of the Philadelphia Public Schools, I know that I can and will succeed. I pledge that I will do my part to make sure that I have a successful school year. I will do my best to:

o   Come to school on time every day

o   Be enthusiastic

o   Be prepared

o   Listen for instructions

o   Make sure I understand and complete my assignments

o   Find an adult in school I can talk to if I have a problem

o   Talk to my parent/guardian about my schoolwork

o   Take pride in my school


Student Handbook


Be sure to read and familarize yourself with the Student Handbook.  All of the information can also be found in each student's Jackson Planner.