Andrew Jackson School Pre–K to 8


Lisa Ciaranca Kaplan

1213 S. 12th Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
Phone: 215-952-6223

Andrew Jackson School

Andrew Jackson School

Our Mission

Working United Toward Excellence


The Andrew Jackson School is a hard-working, multi-cultural family with a purpose: to achieve proficiency in all areas. Our stable, dedicated staff is committed to providing an instructional program that is standards driven, rigorous, and relevant in a structured, safe environment.


We maintain high expectations for all students; we believe in our students and we expect success. To insure that all learners achieve, we provide a bilingual program, instructional modifications, special needs accommodations and individualized attention whenever necessary.

Another high priority at Jackson is the appreciation of cultural diversity, which is evident in all aspects of our school program. Students understand and respect the variety of cultures represented at Jackson, and have the opportunity to celebrate this unique gift.


See this brochure to learn more about what Jackon is all about.

Our Vision


This powerpoint explains where Jackson is now and its goals for the future.



Partnerships between schools and community organizations create a support system that enable students to succeed while contributing to a healthy and vibrant community within Jackson and beyond. Partnerships bring together principals, teachers, school district staff, community-based organizations, health and human service agencies, parents and family as well as community leaders that work in conjunction to expand opportunities for children, families and communities.


Student Achievements

2010 - Jackson ranked second of ten demographically similar schools in the School Performance Index


2011-Jackson's Math, Reading, and Special Education programs were in the top 25% of Philadelphia schools.