William H. Hunter K-8

Heather Miller

2400 N. Front St
Philadelphia PA 19133
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Providing all students with the academic, technological & social skills needed to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.

William H. Hunter

Hunter School

 Welcome to the 2016/17 School Year!




Message from our Principal Dr. Alberto Rivera:

A new school year presents opportunities for various beginnings –new classes and new faces.  Starting a new school year gives us the opportunity to make new plans, design new strategies, and implement new ideas.  There is a special kind of joy and satisfaction in planning lessons and activities for a new class; although the grade level might be the same, the students are new, and they appreciate the planning that is done for them.

Hunter Elementary School strongly believes that:

  • All students can learn and develop the skills needed to succeed as creative thinkers and become future decision makers, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.
  • All students are capable of learning and achieving at proficient and advanced levels and share a sense of urgency to that effect.
  • All aspects of the school’s organization, curricular, and extra-curricular activities should be student centered and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience success.
  • Setting high expectations for our students lead to quality performance.



The William H. Hunter School is a school built on Hope.  Hunter School is a learning community united in a commitment to ensure a safe, nurturing, literate environment for our children. We uphold the value and diversity of all people, strive for outstanding achievement for all of our children, and are a community of readers who have high levels of literacy in the arts, sciences, mathematics, and technology.