Thomas Holme Elementary

Crystle Roye-Gill

9125 Academy Rd.
Philadelphia PA 19114
Phone: 215-400-3130

Thomas Holme Elementary

Thomas Holme Elementary

Our Vision

The Holme School staff is dedicated to the academic success of every child:
•    The achievement of high standards
•    A supportive school environment which fosters academic excellence
•    A love of learning
•    A respect for others as well as self
•    A positive, supportive relationship with parents, community, and peers
•    A positive attitude toward future achievements
We believe parents play a vital role in developing excellence in education by supporting school staff and being involved in the educational life of their child.

Our Mission

The vision of Holme School is to equitably assess and address the strengths and needs of every student and to enhance each student’s ability to reach his or her maximum potential. Teachers will utilize differentiated instruction to ensure that all students achieve at advanced/proficient levels. We envision the school as being the community nucleus of educational and familial cooperation. Our school will be a place where children give of themselves to help others: where families, community, and educators work together to create a safe, nurturing environment where children can learn, develop and become successful citizens whose education will enable them to successfully meet the interpersonal, technological and global challenges of the 21st century.

Core Beliefs & Shared Values

At the Holme School we believe
  • that every child can reach his full potential at his own pace, in a safe learning environment, with small class size, parental support, and learning accommodations as needed. 
  • every student is entitled to equal access to educational opportunities.
  • every child should receive quality instructional practices, which meet the needs of the students, and fosters learning for all students.

About Our School

Holme School creates a learning environment in which families, community and educators work together to help children reach their maximum potential and ultimately become productive citizens. The school is an Empowerment School but our students have made over all improvement in Reading and Math. We recognize the importance of creating a school climate that supports and enhances student engagement and provides the necessary supports for success.


Our school has a Pre-Kindergarten program as well as Kindergarten to Grade sixth. All of our students have access to computer programs that provide practice in skills as well as enrichment activities. Our staff of teachers, specialists, SSA's and volunteers are dedicated to helping each child reach his or her potential.

Activities after school provide tutoring as well as enrichment. Our after school program targets children who need extra help as evidenced by PSSA reports. Other students are challenged with programs such as Math 24, Chess, Successmaker, and Chorus. Music lessons are also provided to interested and eligible students and the Winter and Spring Performances give the students a chance to shine in these activities.

The school newsletter, which is sent home each month in the Wednesday envelope, helps to inform parents of activities and programs available. This year we have more supports than in the past. In addition to our new Principal, Mr. Wilson, we have a full time nurse, a climate manager, student advisor, a behavioral health team, counselor and psychologist. Our class sizes are small and many classes have the additional supports of the reading specialist and SSA's.

The faculty is committed to our students. They receive regular staff development and constantly meet to improve instruction.