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Who was Samson L. Freedman?

Who was Samson L. Freedman?

Samson Freedman was a teacher who dedicated his life to improving relations between people. He was the force behind establishing the District Six Human Relations Teachers Group. One of the first projects was to place a plant, something growing, in every classroom in the District.  His idea to establish the School of Humanities as a pilot summer school program was a great success and it progressed to the beginning of the School  of Humanities, which is now an example for alternative education.

He worked with the NAACP Northwest Branch, to help alleviate problems during the 1960’s.  He was a prime mover in the acceptance of the P.F.T. to help teachers gain more recognition. He was a President of the Greater West Oak Lane Coordinating Council, an umbrella group of all the neighborhood civil groups. After his term was completed, he started a northwest neighbors group to help stabilize a changing neighborhood population shift. He was a leader in his synagogue and  lived his beliefs.


Mr. Freedman wanted the “kids” to have the best.  He worked with them and for them, in not only teaching, but in the broader educational term: educate them for behavior, for life.