Charles W. Henry School Kindergarten - Eighth Grade


Fatima Rogers

601 Carpenter Lane
Philadelphia PA 19119
Phone: 215-400-3480

What's New

What's New

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Charles W. Henry’s Book Nook 

At C. W. Henry, we have recently organized and set up a Book Nook in the main office hallway. Two bookshelves were donated by Mt. Airy USA and books have been donated by parents and community members. Please feel free to take a look at all of the wonderful books put in the shelves for the use of students, families, and classrooms. You may take a book to read and bring it back when you are finished or keep the book for your collection. Books are organized by clustered grades that are labeled by shelf. There are shelves for K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. There are also family resource shelves that have information on reading at home, books for families to use, and resources on how to read with children. The purpose of the Book Nook is to expand opportunities for literacy outside of the classroom, and it will be constantly changing, so check in often! If you have books in your collection already that you believe our Book Nook could use and you would like to donate them, they would gladly be accepted as well. Donated books can be brought to Henry’s VISTA, Chelsea Kiebler, in the main office, or you can email her at



DRESS LIKE YOUR FAVORITE BOOK CHARACTER DAY:  Students, staff and teachers dressed as their favorite book characters!