Horatio B. Hackett School K-5

Todd Kimmel

2161 E. York Street
Philadelphia PA 19125
Phone: 215-400-7470

Inspiring Young Minds to Dream BIG!

What We Offer

What We Offer

Academic Programs

  • KidBiz3000 - closely aligns with objectives of the Common Core State Standards to give students the content area literacy skills they need to succeed on the standards and prepare for college and career.
  • Lexia Reading - is a technology-based reading program that increases reading proficiency for all students K-5.
  • Reading Olympics - the goal is to increase reading for enjoyment and increase reading skills.
  • Enrichment Program - provides enrichment opportunities and mentoring support for high achieving students.
  • Imagine Learning - is an innovative language and literacy software program for ELLs, struggling readers, early childhood education and SPEC ED students.
  • First in Math -  reinforces mastery of basic facts. Improvement is self-directed and new habits replace unproductive habits, driving success in every academic area.
  • Code.org - students can explore the limitless world of computer programmimg.

Special Projects

  • Eat Right Now
  • CADE Kids
  • George Washington Carver Science Fair
  • FAST Program - Families & Schools Together