Horatio B. Hackett School K-5


Todd Kimmel

2161 E. York Street
Philadelphia PA 19125
Phone: 215-400-7470


School Policies & Regulations

Students should abide by the following school policies and regulations:

Student Handbook


Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Click here to see The School District of Philadelphia's policies on acceptable computer use.


Student Code of Conduct

All Philadelphia School District students should follow the

Student Code of Conduct


From the Desk of the Nurse

 Please contact the nurse for details concerning procedures for the administration of medicines in school.

 Kindergarten immunizations and physicals are due. Students must have them in order to fully participate in all school activities. 


Hackett School Uniform

The School District of Philadelphia has implemented a dress code for all students.  The school uniform is mandatory.  
 Navy blue pants  Navy blue skirt/ jumper/ pants
 Light blue collared shirt Light blue collared shirt 
 Black shoes Black shoes
A gym uniform can be purchased through the Home and School Association. The gym uniform is navy blue sweat pants and a light blue, collared knit shirt. 

Behavior Agreement Song

Let’s remember all the rules
That we have at Hackett School
Let’s remember all the rules
That we have at Hackett School
Be respectful
Demonstrate responsibility
Be respectful
And demonstrate responsibility.

Let’s remember all the rules
That we have at Hackett School.


Hackett's Positive Behavior System

Be Respectful 

• Speak kindly to other people 

• Include everyone  

• Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself 

• Respect others’ space and belongings 

Be Proud 

• Do your best 

• Help others 

• Keep school property clean and graffiti-free 

• Solve problems peacefully  



Be Responsible 
• Follow directions 
• Walk quietly 
• Think through problems 
• Stay in assigned area 
• Ask an adult for help 
Be Prepared 
• Wear school uniform 
• Complete homework and class work 
• Have school supplies