Horatio B. Hackett School K-5


Todd Kimmel

2161 E. York Street
Philadelphia PA 19125
Phone: 215-400-7470

Information & Resources

Graduation and Promotion Requirements

One of the goals of the School Reform Commission is for students to achieve at the Proficient level or beyond in reading, mathematics and science. In order to assist students with this increased expectation, this policy provides for increased and systematic classroom supports. Failure to provide these supports jeopardizes the successful implementation of the Promotion and Graduation Requirements.


Permission Forms

  • Student Media Permission Form - This permission slip is for use of student picture, voice, video, work and/or full name on a School District of Philadelphia website.
  • Individual Media Permission Form - This permission form is for use of individual's picture, voice, work and/or video on a School District of Philadelphia Website. 
  • Trip Permission Slip - This permission slip can printed and used if your child is going on a trip and forgot to bring home their permission slip.
  • Emergency Contact Form - Every parent must provide an emergency name and phone number of a responsible adult whom the school can contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Dismissal Permission Form - Every parent must fill out this form to inform the school which adults have permission to pick up their child.

From the Desk of the Counselor

Attention 5th Grade Parents!

Click Here  for information on School Selection Process for 6th Grade

Home and School Connection

The Hackett Home and School Association plays an important role in the school.  It provides a link between the home and the school for closer cooperation.  Parents are encouraged to join and lend a helping hand. Parental assistance is needed and most welcomed. Please contact the Home and School at hacketthsa@gmail.com or call the main office for additional information regarding membership.  

Parent Resources

School District of Philadelphia & Parents

Important Contact Numbers

If you have questions about anything that affects your child. 

  • Parent Help Line: (215) 400-4000
  • Bully Hotline: (215) 400-SAFE 
  • Link to School District's Bullying Prevention
  • Join the Home & School Council: (215) 400-6123
  • Right to Education Task Force: (215) 400-5151
  • Title 1 Parent Advisory Committee: (215) 400-4040