Horatio B. Hackett School K-5


Todd Kimmel

2161 E. York Street
Philadelphia PA 19125
Phone: 215-400-7470

H. B. Hackett

H. B. Hackett

Our Vision

Inspiring young minds to dream big!


Our Mission

We are committed to providing our diverse population a rigorous, safe, and supportive environment where all children will gain the knowledge to become life-long learners and model citizens. 


Horatio B. Hackett Quick Facts

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Registration Information

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Specialty Areas

Physical Education

Music Education

Computer Education

Art Education




School Profile

Data, Charts and Tables 

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Hackett School Song

There is a school in the neighborhood
Named H.B. Hackett
Learning comes first and it’s understood
Travel anywhere – north, south, east, or west
And you’ll find Hackett School to be the best
Hackett School, Hackett School, Hackett School.