Philadelphia High School for Girls 9 - 12

Dr. Parthenia A. Moore

1400 W. Olney Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19141
Phone: 215 276-5258

Music and Dance

Music and Dance

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Means Instruments
The Philadelphia High School for Girls offers students an unparalleled opportunity for instruction in a large variety of instruments. From Jazz to Classical the program gives students a chance to grow and learn in an atmosphere conducive to young musicians who want to achieve.

The Treble Clef Choir Singing

Treble Clef Choir 

Vocal Music

Vocal Music Means A Trained Voice
TheTrebel Clef Choir of The Philadelphia High School for Girls has a tradition of giving talented and motivated students a chance to train their voice in a professional manner. The singing is superb. It can be heard at numerous assemblies and programs that the school produces.


The Philadelphia High School for Girls has established a professional dance studio environment with a new floor and a new program. This will afford students the opportunity to learn about the discipline and skill needed for a professional dance performance.