Philadelphia High School for Girls 9 - 12

Dr. Parthenia A. Moore

1400 W. Olney Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19141
Phone: 215 276-5258

Over 150 Years of Educational Excellence!

Outstanding Graduates of The Philadelphia High School for Girls

Outstanding Graduates of The Philadelphia High School for Girls

Graduates from a bygone era  Alumnae Registry
Gloria Allred Attorney
Deborah Batts Federal Judge
Margaret Gatter Payne Lutheran Bishop
Jill Scott Pop Artist
Erica Alexander Actress
Patricia Giorgio Fox Deputy Police Commissioner
Ilene Plato Restaurateur
Beth Stroud Human Rights Activist/Methodist Church
Vanessa Northington Gamble Physician; authority on public health
Tina Green Sloan Athlete
C. Delores Tucker Civil Rights Activist
Blondell Reynolds Brown City Council Member
Judith Harris Attorney
Marietta Simpson Mezzo Soprano
Elaine Brown First woman head of the Black Panther Party
Constance Clayton First woman and first African American Superintendent of Schools in Philadelphia
Linda Lieberman Dennery Newspaper publisher
Jessie Redmon Fauset Harlem Renaissance novelist, Editor of "The Crisis"
Shirley Clarke Franklin First woman Mayor of Atlanta GA
Helen Hanff Author, 84 Charing Cross Road
Rev. Barbara Harris First female bishop in the Episcopal Church In America
Pinkie Gordon Lane First African American poet laureate of Louisiana
Ann Hobson Pilot Principal harpist, Boston Symphony Orchestra
Judith Seitz Rodin First woman President of the University of Pennsylvania
Margie Samoff Director, Prince Theater
Sara Garonzik Producing Director, Phila Theater Company
Leslie Esdaile-Banks Novelist
Buntzie Ellis Churchill President, World Affairs Council
Virgina Knauer Presidential Economic Advisor
Barbara Chase-Riboud Author and artist
Hon. Lisa Aversa Richette Judge, author, social activist
Howardena Pindell Artist, author
Sharon Pinkenson Director, Philadelphia Film Office
Hon. Dolores Korman Sloviter First woman named Chief Judge Of the US Court of Appeals, Third Circuit
Janet Klein Pennsylvania Historic Commission
Hon. Frederica Massiah-Jackson President Court of Common Pleas Phila.
Janet Theophano, Ph.D. Professor of Folklore, Folklore & Education, Folklore & Aging
Edith Dorph Grossman Ph.D. Renowned translator of Modern Latin American Literature
Barbara Nissman Important pianist in the grand Romantic tradition (click here for more information)
Dr. Donna Mildvan  Doctor of infectious disease medicine who was one of first to recognize AIDS as a new disease
Susan Orr Braudy
Author and Pulitzer nominee
Sandra Strokoff
First woman Legislative Counsel of the House of Representatives
Lisa Yuskavage
Artist (click here for a recent article about her)
Bebe Moore CampbellAuthor
Zoe StraussPhotographer
Dr Philomena (Innocenti) McAndrew

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