Philadelphia High School for Girls 9 - 12

Dr. Parthenia A. Moore

1400 W. Olney Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19141
Phone: 215 276-5258

School Songs

School Songs

Alma Mater

Hail! to our Alma Mater.

Her glory be our pride;

Truth is her firm foundation;

She is our friend and guide.


Hail! all hail!

Hail! all hail!

Girls' High School, we praise thee.

Hail! all hail!


Fame to our Alma Mater

Thousands of voices ring;

Telling of love we bear her,

To her we laurels bring.


Words by Grace Gordon, 1906

Music by F. Edna Davis, 1905 

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Shout on high the ringing praises,

Loyal, strong and true.

Bring we to our Alma Mater

Trust and honor due;

Other off'rings have we none,

Save our love for thee;

Then accept this one oblation,

Our fidelity.


Guide and mentor of our school days,

Shield us in the right,

Lead and help us onward o'er

The stepping stones to light;

Still before us gleams thy motto.

May its lesson plain,

"Vincit qui se vincit" aid us

Life's real goal to gain.

"Vincit qui se vincit"aid us

Life's real goal to gain.


Words by Emily Loman, 1915

Music by Landan Ronald