Anne Frank Elementary School Kindergarten to Grade 5

Mr. Mickey Komins

2000 Bowler Street
Philadelphia PA 19115
Phone: 215-961-2005

Working striving everyday to do the best that we can.

Anne Frank Elementary School

Parent and Family Engagement Policy

The new District-Wide Parent and Family Engagement Policy has been approved by the SRC and is available on our website here:  (and attached)
(Spanish version here:  other languages are also available online)



Kindergarten Registration Begins Today!!

February 28, 2017- May 31, 2017

Please call Anne Frank to make an appointment.


Report Card Conference Sign Up



Mrs. Morgan

Ms. Weiss

 Mr. Nash

Ms. Weightman

Mrs. Bailey- Dixon

Ms. Conallen

Ms. Jones


1st Grade

Mrs. Stern

Mrs. Korn

Mrs. Stelmack

Mrs. Domsky

Mrs. Bussmann

Ms. Campagna

Mrs. Vogt

Mrs. DiMartino


2nd Grade

Ms. DiTomasso

Mrs. Fuhrmesiter

Mrs. Abitbol

Mrs. Hall

Mrs. Kozak

Mrs. Kotofsky

Ms. Crawford 

Ms. Clarke 


3rd Grade

Ms. Zornek

Mrs. Broiles

Mrs. Pinto

Mrs. GoldSchmidt

Mrs. Blackwell- Opher

Mrs. Miller

Ms. Weisel 


4th Grade

Mrs. Stackhouse

Ms. Gray

Ms. Friel 

Mrs. Schuler

Mr. Reeder

Mrs. Gough

Mrs. Yeager


5th Grade 

Mr. Walters

Mrs. Angelo

Mrs. Smith 

Mrs. Latch

Ms. Delassandro

Ms. Sperry 


Message from the Principal

Support Anne Frank's GoFundMe for Reading Materials! 

We are committed to providing all of our students with a top quality, rigorous education, but we need your help!  Many of our classroom reading materials are old and outdated.  Our library has books that are older than some of our teachers.


Help us achieve our goal of bringing a new, top-quality books to our school by donating today!

See our GoFundMe video


Your donation will help us to provide high-interest and high-level books to all of our classrooms and our school library.  These books will not only assist in school, but will be valuable reading materials for our students to use in their homes.


Please visit our GoFundMe page!

Anne Frank Warrior Challenge

On Saturday, February 20 and 27, Anne Frank students participated in the first annual Warrior Challenge!

Similar to the popular American Ninja Warrior show, our physical education teacher, Sean Hodges, along with the Healthy School council created an obstacle course that required endurance, agility, strength, and determination.


First place went to the students who conquered the course in the shortest time frame.  Check out the photos and video link below covering this incredible event!


Click the link below:

Anne Frank Warrior Challenge Photos and More!

Welcome to the Anne Frank School!


Anne Frank Elementary School is the best school in Philadelphia. We can say that because we believe we have the best students, the best parents, and the best staff.


Albert Einstein said, “Knowledge must continually be renewed by ceaseless effort if it is not to be lost.” At Anne Frank, we strive to empower our students with the tools necessary to become lifelong learners, prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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