Benjamin Franklin High School 9-12

Gregory Hailey

550 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia PA 19130
Phone: 215-299-4662

Principal Johnson's Message

Principal Johnson's Message

Principal Johnson's Message

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Benjamin Franklin High School. On behalf of our entire staff, the school district, school and community, I would like to welcome you and your children to what we hope will be another fun and enriching school year.



Franklin’s excellent teaching staff and support personnel want to ensure that every child succeeds. Our goal is to support and encourage each child in achieving their potential by developing the “whole” child. It is necessary for our students to receive an education that not only deals with the traditional academics of school but also we must provide them with an enriching experience that will develop them into critical thinking, civic minded individuals who fully understand their existence on earth.



Being actively involved in our children’s education is essential in developing a strong partnership between parents, community and school. Whether we are community activist, block captains, parents, teachers, NTA’s etc., we must make sure that we take time everyday to connect and be present with our children.  We must also talk to our children about what they are doing in school, how they developed relationships in and around school, what they accomplished today that helps their fellow man and most importantly, did they do something today that they can feel proud of.  



Benjamin Franklin High School’s mission is extremely simple… “Only Excellence!” This mission was crafted because it embodies the true spirit of what our expectations are of our students and staff. We do not expect every student to receive all “A’s” in their studies. However, we do expect that they will do the best that they can with the support of the parents, community and staff. Our school will provide an enriching, meaningful learning experience in a safe and supportive learning environment. We expect everyone to share in the responsibility for the success of every one of our students. We cannot do it alone.



In closing, I hope that you will take the time to help our staff ensure the success of every student at Benjamin Franklin High School. We envision that our children will be the leaders of tomorrow and we expect that everyone will help our students meet their goal of utopia… becoming productive members of society.




Christopher Scott Johnson