alt = A mural created by students in 2006. F. S. Edmonds School - The School District of Philadelphia

F. S. Edmonds PreK-5


Sharen Finzimer

8025 Thouron Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19150
Phone: 215-276-5261

F. S. Edmonds School

F. S. Edmonds School

Our Vision

The F. S. Edmonds School vision is to instill in children a lifelong love of learning so that they will become contributing members of society. Our vision is to charge our students to reach their desired destination. We will carry forth with our teaching so that all students perform at the proficient and advanced level of work. Our school will provide consistent, academic instruction so that students can continue to learn while in a safe, nurturing environment.

Our Mission

The F. S. Edmonds School's mission is to enable each child to reach his/her full potential across the curriculum, as well as instill in every child a respect for themselves, each other, and their community. We will use the Core Curriculum as our guide and elicit the support of our parents, community leaders and outside resources. Additionally, our mission is to prepare young men and women to live lives that are full within the global community, to embrace and enjoy many cultures and to become proud, productive citizens.

our mural on the first floor

School History

The F. S. Edmonds Elementary School was built in 1948. Our school is named for Dr. Franklin Spencer Edmonds, a distinguished educator and legislator. In 2004, we dedicated the Richard Topolsky Memorial Playground. The playground was a cooperative effort between the school, community and district to provide the neighborhood with a safe play area. Our mascot is the Falcon, a symbol of leadership and strength. Please visit the School Song Page to learn the lyrics of our school song.