Tanner G. Duckrey School K - 8

David Cohen

1501 W. Diamond Street
Philadelphia PA 19121
Phone: 215-684-5066

Duckrey Diamonds - Where we live, learn, and play!!

Tanner G. Duckrey School

Our Duckrey Team!

Message From the Principal

It is my vision to ensure that every child receives a high standard of educational services and achievement of their utmost potential, regardless of their socio-economic, cultural, or ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, I commit to servicing children in a capacity that will produce a positive attitude of personal efficacy in each life.


Our ultimate goal is for continuous school-wide improvement and most importantly, increased student learning, engagement, and achievement. We will focus intensely on implementing the most effective instructional practices that will meet the needs of all students. We will work purposefully to learn from one another, implement practices based on the school's data, and on students' work, utilize our time and resources effectively, and attempt to connect students' school and out-of-school experiences so that others, especially parents/caregivers, can help us support student learning.


David Cohen