Hamilton Disston Elementary School Kindergarten - 8

Mrs. Kari D. Hill

6801 Cottage Street
Philadelphia PA 19135
Phone: 215-335-5661

Disston Elementary

Disston Elementary

More About Disston Elementary


Disston Elementary is a Title I school located in Philadelphia.  We service students in grades kindergarten through eight with an enrollment of approximately 830 students.  We have worked very hard and our efforts have been rewarding enough to make Adequate Yearly Progress for the third year in a row.  Additionally, we have closed the gap amongst sub-groups.  We attribute our success to our hard working staff who strive to obtain excellence.  Our students work very diligently and we are extremely proud of their efforts.

Our emphasis is on quality instruction in an environment that is conducive to learning.  We utilize student data to determine the needs of our students and teachers adjust their teaching strategies accordingly.  We provide our teachers with comprehensive professional development at both the district and school level.  With the assistance of Title I funds, additional support is provided to our teachers through our Literacy and Math coaches.  Our coaches assist the teachers in a variety of instructional needs and strategies and offer year round professional development.

Teachers follow the School District of Philadelphia's Core Curriculum's Planning and Scheduling Timelines.  All students receive 120 minutes of literacy and 90 minutes of math instruction on a daily basis.  We support programs such as Achieve 3000, Study Island, Earobics, Reading Olympics and First in Math to name a few.  These programs enhance student achievement by providing valuable learning experiences.

Disston Elementary also supports the district-mandated after school program, Power Hour.  This program offers additional support to struggling students in the areas of reading and math.  Specially trained teachers teach the program and provide 75 minutes of instruction in reading and/or math.  The curriculum that is utilized is aligned to the Core Curriculum.  Students who require additional support beyond this program may be assigned to summer school.


Furthermore, we have also implemented a motivational and recognition program titled "Disston Dragons" which is currently running for the eleventh year.  This program recognizes and rewards students for outstanding, consistent behavior as well as good grades while interacting with the community.  The goal of this program is to have our members of the Disston Dragons inspire others to be respectful, reliable, and responsible.