Jay Cooke Elementary School K - 8th

Tara Brown

1300 W. Louden Street
Philadelphia PA 19141
Phone: 215 456-3002

The Pride of the Lions

Jay Cooke Elementary School

Message from the Principal

Welcome to Jay Cooke Elementary ! You will find this website to have all the information you will need to get to know Jay Cooke.  We are truly a special place where children come to learn.


Jay Cooke is a community school with a wonderful caring, energetic and hardworking staff.  They work together as a team and are consistently trying to make Jay Cooke an even better place for children.  We encourage our parents to come and work with us.  Our list of Home and School members  and parent volunteers continues to grow!


The District provides opportunities for staff development.  Our credentialed specialists teach the children skills on the computer, music, art and physical education.  We also have both an instrumental and vocal music teachers!


We utilize the Pennsylvania Standards and the District Core Curriculum to provide and education based on high expectations for all children. 



Tara Brown, Principal



Welcome New Teachers


School Staff List - Under Construction


Faculty & Staff                                                










Points of Pride and Partnerships

  • Villanova University Mentors
  • Golden Attitude Club
  • Need in Deed
  • Second Macedonia Baptist Church
  • AVID 
  • Lexia
  • Good Friday Women's Auxiliary
  • Robotics Club
  • Nu Sigma Beacon Afterschool
  • Achieve 3000  
  • First in Math
  • Fitness Center
  • Philadelphia College of Optometry Partnership
  • Instrumental Ensemble
  • Home and School Association
  • Drexel University Nutrition Program
  • St. Christopher Hospital Partnership
  • Ronald McDonald Dental Partnership
  • 21st Century Center of Research and Development in Cognition and Science