Constitution High School 9-12


Brianna Robb

18 S. 7th St
Philadelphia PA 19106
Phone: 215 351 7310

Constitution High School

Constitution High School

Our Vision

Constitution High School is a unique, small, college preparatory, city-wide admission school. It is the only Philadelphia School District high school whose theme is Law, Democracy, and History.  The school program capitalizes upon the unparalleled historical resources of the city to deliver a program that emphasizes the study of all social sciences through the American experience.  The three instructional themes embedded throughout instruction are:

 Red: Knowledge of History; White: Active Citizenship; Blue: Democratic Deliberation


The creation and implementation of Constitution High School continues to be accomplished through significant partnerships with the National Constitution Center, the Gilder Lehrman Institute for American History, Ballard Spahr LLP, and the History Channel.

Gilder Lehrman sponsors the creation of history high schools and Constitution High School for American Studies is the first such school in Pennsylvania. Our partners assist our mission in a multitude of ways, including mentoring, job shadowing and internships, creating special programs and trips, and funding. 



Our Mission


Constitution High School is a unique collaboration among the School District of Philadelphia, the National Constitution Center and the Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History. By engaging students with an appreciation for history and an understanding of the democratic principles embodied in the United States Constitution, this college preparatory high school will develop the next generation of engaged citizens and civic leaders in government, public policy, and law.

Points of Pride

The prominent modes of student learning, beyond the norm of actively-engaged classrooms, include: interdisciplinary studies, the use of primary historical documents, research writing, active civic engagement, problem solving (as it relates to societal issues), public presentations, and an exceptional role in school governance. Unique features for students include:


  • School location in close proximity to Independence Mall

  • Summer freshman orientation, located at the National Constitution Center

  • History scholars’ instructional visits to school 

  • Yearly community service requirement

  • Mentor relationships with staff

  • Regularly appearing historical artifacts exhibits at school

  • Enrollment in two social science classes each year

  • Wide range of electives

  • Major field trips each year, including the opportunity to travel abroad

  • Advanced Placement classes and college courses (for college credit)

  • Utilization of the resources of the National Constitution Center, as well as other Philadelphia institutions, to promote student learning and engagement

  • Extensive extra-curricular programs

  • Interdisciplinary Senior Research Project fulfilling social science and English credit requirements