Edward Penn

122 W. Erie Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19140
Phone: 215-291-5400

Roberto Clemente

Message from the Principal


 Dear Parent/Guardian of the Roberto Clemente School:

         WELCOME TO THE 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR!

Below are a few updates to better prepare you for the start of the year.


  • First day of school: September 7th, 2016
  • Breakfast will be provided from 7:50-8:10
  • Official start of admission is no later than 8:10am 
  • Official dismissal is 3:14pm
  • Black skirt, pants or jumper
  • White button down blouse with the school's insignia or white polo shirt with the school's insignia
  • Black socks and shoes or sneakers
  • Black pants
  • White button down shirt with the school's insignia or white polo shirt with the school's insignia 
  • Black socks shoes or sneakers
New students to Clemente:
  • Any 6th, 7th or 8th Grader new to the school are encouraged to participate in a brief tour of our school.
  • Call the office at 215-291-5400 to arrange an appointment.


Clemente Values:

The Roberto Clemente Promise Academy has an excellent staff, sincerely committed to the students.  It is our conviction that students can achieve much better results and have greater success with the unified, ongoing and dedicated efforts of parents and school staff together.  Mutual benefits occur when there is a meaningful exchange of information between home and school.  It is important that you be informed of your child’s progress by maintaining regular contact with your child’s teachers and by attending scheduled parent-teacher meetings. 


SAC:( School Advisory Council) 

One of the important initiatives of the Promise Academies is creating partnerships with our parents.  We invite you to join the School Advisory Council (SAC) and to become part of the decision making body of the school. 


Let’s work together for a successful academic school year.


Mr. Edward Penn,