G. W. Childs Elementary K-8

Dr. Eileen Coutts

1599 Wharton Street
Philadelphia PA 19146
Phone: 215.952.6213

A Childs school student is On Time, On Task, and On a Mission!

G.W. Childs Elementary School

Message from the Principal

Dear Students, Parents, Neighbors, and Community Members,

     I am honored to accept the appointment as the new principal of George W. Childs Elementary School.  The school has a wonderful reputation for hard-working, respectful students, committed and supportive parents, and active community members.  These first three months at the school have shown me that these reputations are well-earned.

     I bring a reputation as a dedicated and demanding leader, and as an advocate for our children.  That reputation was also earned.  I expect the most from my students and staff.  High self-esteem doesn't come from half-hearted efforts.  Hard work will give you high self-esteem, and the world will respect you for it.

     I expect our students to bring the PSSA scores back to the top levels where they belong.  I expect them to participate in a multitude of challenging academic activities as well as enriching multi-cultural events.  When our students leave Childs School, they should have their hearts and brains filled with significant memories for a lifetime.  They will be ready for success in high school, college, and life.

     Feel free to schedule a tour of our lovely historic building and see our precious children hard at work.



Dr. Eileen F. Coutts




Remember to bring in your Box Tops!  Please submit all Box Tops to our school by October 26, 2012!

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