Laura H. Carnell School Kindergarten to Grade 8

Mr. Hilderbrand Pelzer III

1100 Devereaux Avenue
Philadelphia PA 19111
Phone: 215.537.2527

Providing all students with a safe, positive climate that will challenge all students to show continuous and substantial growth.

Laura H. Carnell School


Governor-elect Tom Wolf's Transition Team

Recently, Principal Pelzer was one of 250 people named to Governor-elect Tom Wolf's transition review teams. These teams review state agencies, commissions, and various issue areas as part of the incoming Governor's transition team. The information provided by the teams allowed Governor-elect Tom Wolf to have the knowledge necessary to hit the ground running immediately after he was sworn in.


Redesign Initiative Award 

Congratulations! Carnell has been selected for the first cohort of the school district's School Redesign Initiative. The Carnell school community, led by dedicated educators and community partners, will be able to implement a project-based learning environment for all students starting next fall. The proposed redesign will be refined over the coming months in collaboration with the school district's Office of School Improvement and Innovation and outside partners.


2014 Lindback Award for Distinguished Principal Leadership 

Thank you for all the well wishes and congratulatory remarks on the occasion of winning the 2014 Lindback Award for Distinguished Principal Leadership. Please note that this award is a symbol of the extraordinary educational work that is taking place at Carnell and it recognizes the commitment to your child’s education that you demonstrate each day.

September 2013

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome back to another school year! As the principal, I have one clear goal: continue to make Carnell a high-performing school! If we want Carnell to succeed, we have to listen to our students and respond to their educational needs. If we ignore our students, we lose them.


The last school year was one of extraordinary efforts in restoring the proud name and legacy of Laura H. Carnell. Carnell was a remarkable woman who served as chief administrator for Temple University founder Dr. Russell Conwell. In 1893, Dr. Conwell asked Carnell to head the Women’s Department at Temple. During this time, the two worked together to develop the Law, Medical, Nursing, Commerce, and Liberal and Fine Arts Schools at Temple. Their efforts made Temple a major university, and in 1897, Carnell was made acting dean and head of education at Temple. Laura H. Carnell was a scholar; she embodied the skills, work ethic, and zeal for education that we want to impart to our students.


Laura H. Carnell School is a place where scholars are produced. Our school takes teaching and learning seriously, and we begin this year as a school that is poised for excellence. We have been commended for our focus on teaching and learning, and we have earned special praise for the various academic initiatives that support the growth of our students, such as Step up to Writing, our Teacher Learning Teams, Kinder- College, and the implementation of the pilot phase of the Teacher Effectiveness System, to name a few. These efforts represent our dedication to our students.


This year, we will continue to expand our efforts to become a high-performing school through high- performing school practices. Our teachers will develop common instructional knowledge, language, and tools across all grades and classes. They will delve deeply into the Common Core State Standards to identify the skills that K-5 students need. They will align lessons with the Common Core State Standards and collaborate to ensure that the major instructional shifts demanded by the Common Core State Standards for math and literacy are realized. Laura H. Carnell School is fortunate to have a dedicated group of teachers and staff who inspire our students and teach them well. As the principal, I am very proud of our school community for recognizing our future challenges and moving our school forward.


I want to encourage all parents and families to share their ideas about how to increase parental involvement and engage with us in a process of mutual transformation and accountability. We want to make our school accessible to you. Please visit our website to learn about the new initiatives, policies, and procedures that will inform your role as parents and partners of Laura H. Carnell School.


Finally, note that Back-to-School Night will be held on September 26, 2013. This will be a very informative night where important topics will be discussed and teachers and parents can meet. I would also like to thank all the parents and guardians that have embraced our scholarly dress requirement. We ask you, as parents and guardians, to make sure that your child is in school every day and performs well. Please show him or her—and the entire school community—that you care.


Hilderbrand Pelzer, Principal

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