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Our mission is to provide public school students with a comprehensive educational experience that expands students’ knowledge of global issues and prepares them for a lifetime of achievement and participation in local, national and global communities.

Bodine High School

Bodine High School

A Message from the Principal

by Deborah Jumpp


     Our mission is to provide equal opportunities for all students to develop the necessary academic skills and attitudes to fulfill their civic duties and to become active contributors to society. A Bodine education is a great experience. It is distinguished above all by academic excellence. Our students are challenged by a rigorous learning experience rooted in global studies and shaped by a community of learners. 


     China’s emerging economy and Brazil’s standing in the world energy market causes us to re-think education. Bodine is exploring student exchange programs with China and Brazil.  We are rebranding as a global institution. We are committed to bringing the world to Bodine so the Bodine students can experience the world beyond our school, our city, our state and our country. 


     We must educate our students to take on the world, to be competitive in the world. They cannot do that competing only with local institutions. We live in a competitive society where mediocrity won’t make it. 


     Consequently, the Bodine staff will do all that we can to prepare our students for internationalization. Internationalization means travel for students and staff, certainly, but it also means bringing other students to Bodine so that they can interact with Bodine students.


     We must continue to be dynamic to serve the needs of the students who come to Bodine for the education we offer. We must invent new ways to make Bodine classrooms places where students want to learn. We are committed to interdisciplinary learning which teaches our students to develop creative solutions to real-world problems. Such course offerings will help ensure that the Bodine educational experience will remain powerful.   


     This past school year we have taken the time to analyze the scores and GPA’s of our students.  Based upon the information we obtained, we have goals and objectives that align with The School District of Philadelphia and The Pennsylvania State Department of Education.


Our Goals and Objectives:

            •Provide more activities which support High School Balanced Literacy, math and science.

            •Provide meaningful involvement and leadership opportunities for students.

            •Provide educational and social programs which assist students in developing academic and personal competencies.


            At Bodine High School we are optimistic that this high school year’s experience will increase opportunities for academic success for all our students.


At Bodine High School we have a stake in our students’ success!

Bodine is an award-winning school

Bodine is an award-winning school

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