Blankenburg Elementary K - 8

Malika Savoy-Brooks

4600 W. Girard Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19131
Phone: 215.581.5505

I will stand tall And stand for something I will move forward And move mountains I will make more than a difference I will make history Yeah! Blankenburg

Blankenburg, Rudolph

Message from the Principal

Welcome to the Rudolph Blankenburg Elementary School. We are located in the West Philadelphia area of the city. We implement instruction and operational procedures aligned with the best interest of students. Every stakeholder of the Blankenburg school practice three ideas of conduct: Respect, Responsibility, and Responsiveness. It is the our goal to ensure that every child is entitled to a high standard of educational services and achievement of their highest potential, regardless of their socio-economic, cultural, or ethnic background. Therefore, we will commit to servicing children in a capacity that will produce a positive attitude of self-efficacy.

Our ultimate goal is for continuous school-wide improvement and most importantly, increased student learning and achievement. We will focus intensely on implementing the most effective instructional practices that will meet the needs of all students.  We will work purposefully to learn from one another, implement practices based on the school’s data and on students’ work, utilize our time and resources effectively, and attempt to connect students' school and out-of-school experiences so that others, especially parents/caregivers, can help us support student learning.

Malika A. Savoy-Brooks


Points of Pride

  • 100 Book Challenge
  • First In Math
  • Study Island
  • WEPAC Volunteers
  • Science Club
  • Little Kids Rock
  • Eat.Right.Now Nutrition Education 
  • Philadelphia Reads
  • Pre-K Please Touch Museum


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Principal Malika Savoy-Brooks



  • Penn Relay Time Trials ..April 11
  • Picture Day...April 12
  • PSSA Writing Test Grades 5 & 8... April 16 - 20
  • Parenting Class 18/19/25   
  • PSSA Science Test Grades 4 & 8
  • School Closed for Students...Election Day
  • Penn Relays.... April 27

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