C.C.A. Baldi Middle School Grades 6-8


Mr. Luke Hostetter

8801 Verree Road
Philadelphia PA 19115
Phone: 215-961-2003

Environmental Education Program

Environmental Education Program

Mr. Scanlan


Mr. Scanlan, Environmental Science teacher 




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Congratulations to our George Washington Carver Science Fair winners!!

About the Environmental Science Program

Students at C.C.A. Baldi Middle School have the opportunity to attend a very unique Environmental Science Program. This program is based on student centered ecological investigation, which leads to monitoring of local watersheds, habitats, vegetation, wildlife, wetlands and marine coastal environments. Classes are held in the historic Verree House on the grounds of Philadelphia's 1600 acre Pennypack Park. Students are involved in hands-on investigation and experimentation in all areas of science. This investigation includes water quality monitoring, botany, urban ecology, marine ecology, and engineering. Cooperative learning strategies are employed to incite students to identify environmental problems. Environmental students use the scientific method to collect and analyze data. Encouraging them to become stewards of our global environment, they develop and implement action plans that may involve service learning and community partnerships.


Students develop research projects in all areas of science and the social studies. These projects are multidisciplinary and address cross-cutting competencies. They participate in many competitions on the local, state, and national level. These tournaments include: The Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science, The Carver Science Fair, The Delaware Valley Science Fair, The National History Day Competition and The Future City Competition. Baldi students excel at all of these competitions and are recipients of many prestigious awards.