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Who was C.C.A. Baldi?

Who was C.C.A. Baldi?

Biography of CHARLES CARMINE ANTONIO BALDI  -  1862-1930

Charles Carmine Antonio Baldi was born in Castlenoovo, Cilento, Italy in 1862. He immigrated to Philadelphia at age 14 with his 12-year old brother Tony. Baldi came here because, as a boy, he wrote letters for the peasant women of Italy to their American relatives. Young Charles read about America in the letters coming back and was fascinated.

He organized a bank, operated a funeral home, owned a daily Italian language newspaper, founded a coal yard, and a real estate and insurance business.

He said on his appointment to the Philadelphia Board of Education in 1924, "Since coming to this country, I have had two hobbies: Education and Americanization. I have always been eager to imbue these subjects in the minds of foreign-born. Both can be obtained from American institutions and thorough study of the Constitution."

Charles Carmine Antonio Baldi, the first Italian named to the School Board, served on that board until his death in 1930. All Americans take pride in him. He was as true a Philadelphian as William Penn or Benjamin Franklin.