Bache-Martin Elementary School Pre-K-8

Mark D. Vitvitsky

22nd and Brown Streets
Philadelphia PA 19130
Phone: 215-684-5074

Providing all students with the academic, technological & social skills needed to be productive & contributing citizens in our society.

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


Student Arrival and Dismissal Procedures for 2015/16 School Year

School starts at 8:26am and ends at 3:05pm.  Please ensure that your student arrives on time and ready to learn!

Arrival - Doors open at 8:00am

  • Kindergarten through 4th grade - Martin Cafeteria (doors at 23rd and Parrish Streets)
  • 5th through 8th grade students - Bache Cafeteria (doors at 22nd and Brown Streets)

Note:  All students will be offered breakfast in the morning.  K-4th grade will eat in the cafeteria, and 5th-8th grade will eat in the cafeteria.  Breakfast starts at 8:10am and ends at 8:26am.


Dismissal at 3:05pm

  • Kindergarten-1st Grade - Doors at 22nd and Brown (NE Corner)
  • 2nd Grade - Doors at 23rd and Brown Street
  • 3rd - 4th Grade - Martin Cafeteria
  • 5th - 8th Grade - Corner of 22nd and Parrish

Note:  Any students not picked up promptly will be escorted to the Martin Cafeteria.  If you are picking up students from the cafeteria, you will be asked to provide identification and sign your children out.