Bache-Martin Elementary School Pre-K-8


Mark D. Vitvitsky

22nd and Brown Streets
Philadelphia PA 19130
Phone: 215-684-5074

How To Enroll

How To Enroll

Bache Martin - Neighborhood families may register at the school. To enroll your child at Bache-Martin, you must provide:

  • child's name
  • child's social security number
  • proof of residency (2 forms)
  • current immunization record
  • Copy of a birth certificate
  • Contact the school's office about admission. If you are unable to reach someone in the school's office, contact the Central City Region office at 215-351-3807
  • If you'd like to schedule a tour of the school contact the main office at 215-684-5074


Please review the Boundary Map before enrolling your child. 


Transfer families should visit the School District of Philadelphia's Voluntary Transfer Program website for information about student transfers.


Pre-K families should visit the Office of Early Childhood Education for information regarding enrolling your pre-K child in school.