Chester A. Arthur K-8

Kimberly Newman

2000 Catharine Street
Philadelphia PA 19146
Phone: 215 875-5774


School Policies and Regulations

  • Policy No. 815 - Acceptable Use Of Internet, Computers and Network Resources (PDF)
  • Code of Student Conduct [.pdf 1.4MB]
  • Parent Handbook
  • Parent and Family Engagement Policy
  • Student Uniform
    • Shirts: Blue or white with a collar, long or short sleeves. An Arthur t-shirt is also considered a uniform shirt.    Navy or white turtleneck, navy sweater, sweatshirt, or vest is acceptable in cold weather.

    • Bottoms: Tan or navy pants or shorts.  Girls may wear khaki (tan) or navy skirt, jumper, pants, Capri pants, and walking shorts.  Jeans may not be worn under skirts. Leg wear should be navy or white.

    • Gym uniform:  Navy or white collared shirt, navy blue or "Arthur" t-shirts are permitted with navy sweatpants.  Students must wear sneakers on the days they have gym.

    • Dress Down Days:  The District has a mandatory uniform policy.  All students MUST be in uniform all days including the last week of school unless the school grants permission for a special occasion or event.